DFuel – Fuel management for fleet vehicles


Digital Accuracy

Depending on the shape and size of the tank, once calibrated, accuracy is typically better than 1% error. With training and support from the Digit team, we will give you the tools to understand this technology so that it becomes the most valuable tool in your expense control.


FUEL is the future

With most fleet management products you get the standard features like speed, direction, location, temperature. But we specialise in featuring a live fuel value. updated every few seconds while the vehicle is driving. There is no way to remove fuel from the vehicles without noticing the drop in fuel.

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See every fill from the comfort of your office

With the Digit FMS software you can follow fuel being filled into your fleet vehicles from any remote fuel station. You can keep track of what the levels are in each individual vehicle and can make informed decisions on the fly. We make managing vehicles easier for the fleet manager.


Fuel graph

As a fleet manager you would want a overview of the full day’s fuel usage of any given fleet vehicle. With the digit fleet and fuel management system you can have the full usage graph for the day at the press of a button. You can then have a quick overview of where fuel was added (as in the example here) and by clicking at the point of interest it will actually give you the location and time the vehicle was at that specific point.


Notification on theft

The biggest issue faced by fleet companies and offsite construction companies is catching fuel theft in the act. With The Digit FMS Fuel monitoring device you will get notified if there is a sharp decline in the fuel level. Giving you the opportunity to respond and catch people in the act of theft.


Fuel theft

If a sms notification was not setupfrom your daily trip reports you can instantly see when fuel was stolen and the amount that was taken. With the Digit FMS system you can have the a fuel theft investigated within 24hours of it happening. You have the specific place, time and date (as in the example here) to quickly get a resolution as to why fuel was removed from the vehicle.