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Keep up to date with what is happening in the world of Digit FMS. We share news on latest technologies and information regarding fleet management, vehicle camera systems and fuel management

For the individual

  • Notification when vehicle moves

    With the mobile app you can set a notification for when your vehicle moves

  • Keep track of business trips

    Have your vehicle trips in a printable format for SARS at Business Year End

  • Immobilise your vehicle via SMS

    Have the power in your hands to immobilise your vehicle via SMS if it was hi-jacked or parked in a suspecious area

For the fleet owner

  • Live Fuel monitoring from delivery to burn

    Follow your fuel from delivery to your dispensary all the way to when the vehicle uses it

  • Keep track of business trips

    Have your vehicle trips in a printable format for SARS at Business Year End

  • Reports, reports and more reports

    Daily, weekly, monthly reports can be created at the push of a button. Even the company that needs something different, custom reports can be built in the software


Who was at fault?

Accidents can cost companies a lot of money in damages and hours wasted, especially when the accident is fatal. Having a camera on board has saved many companies big lawsuits. Do you have Vehicle cameras installed?

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Live fuel monitoring

When it comes to managing your company fuel bill there is no better way than to monitor the fuel levels live in each vehicle. At the current rate the price of fuel is going at a fuel monitoring system pays for it self.

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Solutions for everything

Digit FMS has more than 10 years of knowledge in the fleet management market and more than 5 years in fuel monitoring. We have created special products for special projects and have seen it all.

Remote controlled

Fuel level in Remote Desert Bowser

When your fuel dispensary is off site and you have no one to check levels instantly. The best is to get the Digit FMS fuel monitoring system that updates you every 4 minutes on fuel levels and only allows fuel to flow through the pump once the driver is identified.

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